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The AntiMap is an Open Source creative toolset for recording and visualising your own data. The project currently consists of a smart phone utility application (AntiMap Log) for data capture, and a couple of web/desktop applications (AntiMap Simple and AntiMap Video) for post analysis and data visualisation.

Our aim is to produce new and creative representations of data. If you would like to contribute or have created a visualisation you would like to share, please contact us. In the coming months further applications and source code will be released in hope that users can learn from and find interesting ways to visualise data and use their technology.


  • AntiMap Log: Smart phone utility application allowing users to ‘record’ their own data.
  • AntiMap Video: Desktop application that synchronises recorded data from the mobile application with raw video footage.
  • AntiMap Simple: Web application that visualizes the recorded data.
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